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Pig whispering

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Kees has acquired some fame by the name of "varkensfluisteraar", “Schweineflüsterer” or “pig whisperer”. He holds a PhD in Natural Pig Behaviour and gives lectures and training sessions about observing and interpreting pig behaviour around the globe. By carefully observing pigs, health and welfare issues can be prevented or solved. Kees has advised farmers and seen millions of pigs. He understands their behaviour, body language and sounds. He can analyze the pigs' physical condition and knows what their basic needs are, like their nutritional needs and preferences. He doesn't shy away from tasting their food for himself, straight out of the feeder. He also knows that factors such as water, housing, climate, light and overall management of the farm can have a massive impact. In this regard, Kees is hired regularly as a consultant or expert to screen farms throughout Europe and beyond.

DoB Varkenstoilet.jpg

The Pig Toilet

In Kees' pigsty, some of the piglets have learnt to pee and poo in separate corners of the pen. The urine can be used directly as an organic fertilizer substitute, but even better is the lack of ammonia emissions. Ammonia is only produced when the urine and faeces come into contact with each other.

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As a veterinarian and pig behaviour specialist, Kees provides a number of advisory products for pig farmers, managers, veterinarians and farm advisors. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

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"Walnoot & Wilg"

The Walnoot & Wilg Berkshires Foundation was founded in 2015. The foundation's objective is to preserve the almost extinct Berkshire breed and to improve the welfare of farm animals in general, and pigs in particular. The foundation is able to do its good work through gifts and contributions.

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