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Duke of Berkshire® distributors


Belgium: Danis

Kees put Duke of Berkshire® on the map together with the Belgian pig company Danis. This family business has over 60 years of experience in pig farming. The company breeds the Duke of Berkshire® pigs themselves and also manages the slaughter process. This enables them to keep animal welfare paramount and controlled in the whole Duke of Berkshire® process. Duke of Berkshire® has become one of the flagship-products of Danis.


Germany: Handelshof

Handelshof is a leading German wholesaler for gastronomy, hotels, large-scale consumer and the business market. They have 16 cash&carry markets in the West and North of Germany and supplies companies directly. Handelshof calls Duke of Berkshire® "the perfect delight".

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The Netherlands: De Groene Weg

De Groene Weg is an organic butchers’ franchise that is committed to tasty, organic and artisanal meat, meat products, and other specialities. Once the guys from De Groene Weg had tasted Duke of Berkshire®, they discovered that pork could be even tastier. Since then, Duke of Berkshire® meat is one of their prime products.


The Netherlands: Berkshire Butcher

Frank Bunnik is the one and only Berkshire Butcher: a unique marketplace butcher specialised in one pig breed. The Berkshire Butcher has two regular week-markets where enthusiastic people come to buy good food, and where quality goes before quantity. On Wednesdays he can be found at the Haarlemmerplein in Amsterdam, and on Saturdays at the Grote Markt in Haarlem. Every last Sunday of the month, he has a stand at the Pure Markt in Park Frankendael in Amsterdam. Frank also has a webshop which does home

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The Netherlands: Nice to Meat

The entire gastronomy and food service-world in The Netherlands is supplied by Nice to Meat from Almere; a family business that has been up and running for over 120 years. "Eat less, but better meat" is the motto of this independent hospitality butcher. And according to Nice to Meat, Duke of Berkshire® is "pork at its best".

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The Netherlands: Vleeshandel Zuid-Nederland

With pure family business charm, Vleeshandel Zuid-Nederland has been providing pork to butchers and gastronomy wholesalers for over 45 years. The Duke of Berkshire® pork is the cream of the crop in their range. Customers can request how they would like their meats cut and delivered.

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