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Branded Pork Chain Concept

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Kees has a dual purpose with his Duke of Berkshire® concept; the consumer must get a fantastically delicious piece of meat, and the animal must have a fantastically good life. As the consumer is willing to pay more for a delicacy such as the Duke of Berkshire®, this money can be invested in giving the pigs their higher level of welfare. Kees will only allow the use of his Duke of Berkshire® brand when the product is made with the utmost respect and care for the animal. No intensive cultivation in pig flats, or global sourcing in anonymous trade chains, but honest, animal-friendly, and local production of meat at closely controlled family farms, like the Belgian Danis and Johannes Erchinger and Jens van Bebber from Germany.

Deliciously juicy, sweet and tender

The Berkshire pig is renowned worldwide for its premium meat quality. Compared to conventional pork, the meat of a Berkshire pig is darker, sweeter, and intensely marbled. What is more, the meat is more tender because the muscle fibers are thinner and finer. The meat is extremely tasteful and juicy; it barely shrinks and drip loss is absent. In Japan, it is lauded in the same way as the better known Wagyu beef.

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Top Chef Arjan Bisschop of Michelin-star restaurant De Heeren van Harinxma: "Duke of Berkshire is really a wonderful piece of pork.
There is no better pork than this available in The Netherlands. " 

(Video Nice to Meat, October 2017)

Master butcher Dennis van Dun:
“The taste of Duke of Berkshire is beyond belief.”

(VLEES magazine, December 2018)

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