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Walnoot & Wilg Berkshires Foundation

Duke of Berkshire varken.jpg

The Walnoot & Wilg Berkshires Foundation was founded in 2015. The foundation's objective is to preserve the almost extinct Berkshire breed and to improve the welfare of farm animals in general, and pigs in particular. The foundation is able to do its good work through gifts and contributions. All money goes to breeding purebred Berkshires, ground breaking research into animal welfare, and education about animal welfare in the pig farming industry.

The name Walnoot & Wilg translates as Walnut & Willow and is named after the educational farm that Kees and his family ran for years in the neighbouring village of Best. Should you like to give a contribution, gifts can be deposited directly into the bank account of the foundation: NL91 TRIO 0391 1945 50, please state: gift W&W Berkshires.

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